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Welcome to the "BeMEP.eu" International Internet Game website!
So you think you know the European Parliament? That you know what is discussed in the European Union? Or perhaps you want to try yourself out in negotiations? To convince others to see things your way? To learn how to reach compromises? If you answered YES to at least one of those questions, then our game is perfect for you!

Start of the Game
On 2nd October 2006, the International Internet Game "Become a Member of European Parliament" ("BeMEP.eu") kicked off. The game is open to any interested individual. All you need is to take a look at the rules section, submit a registration form, which you can find at this website, and wait for a confirmation.

What does "international edition" mean?
The "BeMEP.eu" game is open to people from all over Europe! It can be played by over 450 000 000 citizens of the European Union member states and the candidate countries. To that end, the BeMEP.eu Game will be conducted in three language versions - English, French and Polish.

What's this all about?
The Game is a simulation of the work of the European Parliament. Each of the contestants will become a Member of Parliament and will commence his activities in the virtual Parliament. He will have to negotiate with other contestants, predict the outcomes of votes in the real European Parliaments, and answer questions regarding the European Union. Furthermore everyone will be able to participate in virtual trainings (e-learning) on cultural, political, social and economical aspects of the European Union.

The "BeMEP.eu" game is realized with the aid of the European Parliament, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Robert Schuman Foundation (Paris) and Members of the European Parliament. Media patronage is provided by the internet portals cafebabel.com, eurobserver.com, gazeta.pl, and the monthly magazine PC Format.

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