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Rules of International Internet Game
„Become a Member of European Parliament”

General rules
  1. The “Become a Member of European Parliament” (“Become MEP”) International Internet Game contest is being organized in the EU member states, plus Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia and Turkey.
  2. The subject of the contest is the International Internet Game “Become a Member of European Parliament” (“Become MEP”), referred to subsequently as “The Game”.
  3. The goal of the contest is the popularization of knowledge regarding the European Union and the European Parliament, and the increase of social awareness among its participants.
  4. The Game takes place from 2nd of October 2006 until 30th March 2007.
  5. The winner of the contest will be the Contestant who on the day of the Game’s conclusion will have amassed the most points.
The Organizer
  1. The organizer of the contest is Polska Fundacja im. Roberta Schumana (Warsaw, Poland).
  2. The partners aiding in the project’s implementation are the European Parliament, Fundacja Konrada Adenauera, Robert Schuman Foundation (Paris), and Fundacja Edukacji Rynku KapitaƂowego.
  3. The media partners of the project are: eurobserver.com, cafebabel.com, gazeta.pl, PC Format.
  4. The partners of the project are Members of European Parliament.
  5. The Organizer of the Game reserves himself the right to seek out new partners and sponsors for the project throughout its implementation.
  6. All matters concerning the contest are to be taken up with the contest coordinator at Polska Fundacja im. Roberta Schumana.
The Contestants
  1. The Game is open to citizens and residents of the area in which the Game takes place. Other persons are eligible to take part in the Game after obtaining the Organizers’ consent.
  2. Following registration and positive verification every participant will receive their individual login and password, which will enable them to log into the Game – the participants who have been positively verified and have received their game login and password will be subsequently referred to as “Contestants”. Presenting false information during the process may be grounds for removal of the Contestant from the Game or withdrawal of the Organizer from other obligations established in the Game regulations.
  3. The number of the Game’s contestants is limitless.
  4. A contestant may only have one virtual account within the Game.
  5. The Organizer reserves himself the right to deny the registration of participants or to remove contestants from the Game throughout its duration.
  6. The Organizer reserves himself the right to modify the participant registration rules.
  7. Contestants give their consent to receiving information regarding the contest via email.
  1. Contestants register by filling out a registration form found at the official Game website.
  2. Registration is open throughout the duration of the Game.
  3. The Organizer reserves himself the right to verify the Contestant applications. The rules of said verification are defined by the Organizer. Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  4. Should a Contestant be awarded a prize or an honourable mention, they will only receive it if they have correctly and truthfully filled out their registration form.
  5. Following the confirmation of the registration, the Contestant has 3 days to log into the Game. During that time no negative points will be awarded.
Course of the Game
  1. The contest takes place solely on the Game website (www.bemep.eu). Third party websites are not subject to the contest regulations.
  2. The rules of the Game are defined by the Organizer. The Organizer also reserves himself the right to modify the rules of the Game.
  3. Within the Game the Contestants score positive and negative points based on the rules defined by the Organizers.
  4. The Contestants pledge to observe the rules of the Game and refrain from breaking them.
  5. The proper conduct of the Game is supervised by persons selected by the Organizers, subsequently referred to as Administrators.
Discussion forums
  1. The Organizer furnishes the Contestants with discussion forums. The contestants will be able to post on the general forum, the faction forum (available only to members of a given faction) and the coalition forum (available to members of a given coalition).
  2. The language of the forums is English.
  3. In the faction forums the participants will be able to discuss strategy and their vote – make decisions regarding faction discipline, share their thoughts on the actions of real EP factions.
  4. The general forum will be a platform for discussion among all contestants, regardless of their faction. There the players will convince each other to vote in a particular way. They will discuss the current events regarding the EU.
  5. Order in the forums will be kept by Administrators and Moderators chosen from among the Contestants. Their work will be in turn supervised by the Organizer of the Game.
  6. Personal conduct and message content should is subject to netiquette, available at the Game website.
Party factions
  1. Each player is obliged to choose a political faction, of which he will be a member during the sessions and votes during the Game.
  2. All the factions existing in the real European Parliament are represented within the Game, along with factions created by the Contestants.
  3. The Contestants are free to establish new factions on the condition that they create a faction program (using the form available at the website) and submit it for acceptance by the Game Organizers. Following its verification the program will be posted on the Game website. The faction will be registered once at least 19 Contestants from at least 2 different countries declare their will to join it.
  4. The Game Organizer reserves himself the right to accept the program of every newly created political faction and to remove those factions, which do not meet the criteria defined by the Organizer.
  5. During the Game the Contestants will have the right to switch their faction. Faction allegiance can be switched once per 20 days. The history of faction allegiance changes will be listed in each contestant’s information sheet.
  6. Every party faction has an internal structure, including a chairman and a board of directors (4 persons), all elected during an internal vote. They can also be removed from office in an internal vote.
  7. The chairman and the board of a faction have the right to represent the faction during coalition negotiations and adopt decisions as part of coalition cooperation.
  1. Party factions may form coalitions.
  2. Coalitions are formed for a set period of time (a single vote, a series of votes, a period of time) and may be renewed after that period of time has elapsed. Coalitions are formed following the expressed consent of the leaders of interested factions and may be dissolved in the same fashion. Factions are free to withdraw from coalitions at any given moment.
  3. Each faction may only be part of one coalition at a time.
  4. During coalition negotiations factions are represented by their chairmen and their boards of directors. During the establishment of a coalition, its time scope is defined.
  5. Coalitions decide on the manner in which their members cast their votes on a case to case basis. The coalition decisions are not binding for their members.
  6. Before each internal vote, a Contestant may transfer his vote to his coalition – it will be then cast according to the coalition’s decision. If the coalition decides not to take a position on the matter, a reserve vote will be counted for the Contestant.
  7. Additional points will be awarded for coalition victories in internal votes, based on rules defined by the Organizers.
Forecasting of vote outcomes
  1. Contestants will forecast the outcomes of selected European Parliament votes, chosen by the Organizers.
  2. For their forecasts the Contestants will be awarded positive and negative points. During each of the votes the contestants will be able to change their decision – the change will however effect in a decrease of the number of attainable points, as compared to the number of attainable points for the previous forecast, should the change of decision occur in a differently scored period of time.
  3. The dates of the votes will be listed on the Game website.
  4. The Organizer reserves himself the right to pick the subject of the votes.
Internal votes
  1. The Contestants will take part in internal votes.
  2. The subject of internal votes will be selected European Parliament votes, and proposals of new legal acts, created by the Players.
  3. The dates of the votes will be listed on the Game website.
  4. For their participation in internal votes the Contestants will be awarded positive and negative points.
  1. The Contestants may create drafts of legal acts, which will then be voted upon by all of the Contestants.
  2. A Council will be chosen from among the Contestants, which will give their opinion on drafts of legal acts created by the Players. The Council will be composed of one representative from each of the party factions, elected to the post by the faction members.
  3. Following the acceptance of the draft by the Council and its positive verification by the Organizers, it will be voted upon by all of the Contestants.
  4. Detailed rules of creation of legal acts are defined in “Rules of creating resolutions”.
  1. Contestants may score additional points by giving correct answers to the questions posted on the Game website.
  2. The questions will appear at irregular intervals, individually defined by the Organizer, but not sooner than within 24 hours from the last question.
  3. There is no way of changing the answer once it’s been submitted.
  4. The Organizer reserves himself the ultimate right to decide on the correctness of the answer. All doubts regarding the questions will be examined by the Organizers.
  5. The Organizer reserves himself the right to change the rules of awarding points or to withdraw doubtful questions.
  1. A chat service will be implemented on the webpage, enabling the Contestants to communicate with each other in real time, and to schedule moderated meetings with invited guests.
  2. The Organizer will be conducting interactive chats with invited Guests on the webpage – their subjects, time and rules will be defined by the Organizer. Information regarding the chat will be presented to the Contestants in advance.
  3. The Organizer reserves himself the right to independently define the rules of the chats and to modify them throughout the duration of the project.
  4. The chat, if needed, may be divided into separate rooms corresponding to individual countries and/or political factions.
  1. The Game will feature virtual trainings, referred to subsequently as e-learning.
  2. All Contestants are free to participate in e-learning trainings. They can log into them using the same login and password they use for the Game itself. Contestants will be awarded points for participating and completing e-learning.
  3. Detailed rules of participating in e-learning are listed in the rules of e-learning.
  1. The Contestants will be awarded positive and negative points for their participation in the Game.
  2. Positive points will be awarded by: 
    accurately forecasting the outcome of selected European Parliament votes:
    - for accurately forecasting the outcome within minimum 7 days of the vote – Contestants will receive 8 points,
    - for accurately forecasting the outcome within 6 to 2 days of the vote – Contestants will receive 5 points,
    - for accurately forecasting the outcome on day before the vote – Contestants will receive 2 points, 
    internal votes:
    - for a victory – Contestants will receive 10 points,
    - for a draw – Contestants will receive 4 points,
    - for a victory of his coalition in the vote the Contestant will receive additional 2 points,
    answers for questions:
    - for a correct answer – the Contestant will receive 4 points,
    completing e-learning courses:
    - the number of points received by the Contestant is contingent on the result of the final test. For answering correctly all of the questions in the test they will receive 10 points. For answering correctly a lesser number of questions, the points are calculated according to the following formula:
    (number of correct answers) / (number of questions) x 10 and rounded down
  3. Negative points:
    - for inaccurately forecasting the results of a European Parliament vote the Contestant will lose 5 points,
    - for losing an internal vote the Contestant will lose 3 points,
    - for not casting their vote in either of the votes the Contestant will lose 6 points,
    - for not completing a started e-learning training (no correct answers in the final test) the Contestant will lose 5 points.
User information
  1. Basic and extended information on the Contestants will be published on the Game website, given their consent.
  2. The Contestants give their consent for the use and processing of their personal information, obtained during the organization of the Game by the Foundation, for means related to promotion and execution of the contest. The use and processing of their personal information will be pursuant to Polish law – the Act on Protecting Personal Information (Dz. U. 1997 nr 133, poz. 883). Contestants have the right to access their data and correct it if necessary.
Contact with the organizers
  1. Game support is provided by the Organizer and other persons appointed by him.
  2. All questions and problems should be submitted using email. Contact addresses of the Organizers are listed on the Game webpage. The Organizer reserves himself the right not to answer questions submitted using addresses other than those listed on the Game webpage.
Final provisions
  1. Participation in the contest is voluntary.
  2. The Organizer reserves himself the right to modify the rules of the contest throughout its duration. At the same time the Organizer pledges to inform the Contestants about implemented changes.
  3. The Organizer reserves himself the right to process the personal information of the Contestants for statistical purposes.
  4. All rights to the International Internet Game “Become a MEP” are reserved for Polska Fundacja im. Roberta Schumana (Warszawa, Polska).
  5. Fundacja won’t return any expenses incurred by the Contestants in relation to their participation in the Game, unless otherwise stated.
  6. After the acceptance in the registration process the User will receive from the Organizer by e-mail materials, advertisements, newsletter, information about the Organizer, his activities, and about products and services of the third party that commissions the Organizer sending such information.
  7. Regarding all matters not regulated by this document, the civil code applies. 

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