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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Below we present a list of the most frequently asked questions along with answers to them. It pays off to check this section once in a while, as the list keeps expanding. If you have any questions yourself, send us an email: bemep@bemep.eu

Q: What if I don’t choose any political faction?
A: If by the beginning of the Game you haven’t yet chosen any faction, you will automatically be assigned to the Unassociated group.

Q: How often can you switch factions?
A: Generally speaking one shouldn’t switch factions too often. The game allows for a switch every 20 days.

Q: Are any intermissions planned throughout the Game?
A: Yes, the Organizer will let the Contestants know about them in advance.

Q: How many players can take part in “BeMEP”?
A: The number of Game participants is unlimited.

Q: Is there any hierarchy of players within factions?
A: Yes, each faction has its board of directors, which is elected by its Members. However being on the board doesn’t earn you any extra points.

Q: My place of residence isn’t listed in the registration form. What am I supposed to do?
A: Don’t worry. Pick "None of the above" from country list, and then choose the “Other” region.

Q: When is the deadline for registration?
A: You can register throughout the duration of the Game.

Q: Does registering during the Game make any sense?
A: Yes, because apart from the general scores of all contestants, we will also be keeping monthly scores, and the best players from each month will receive surprise prizes.

Q: How do you register?
A: Click the link labeled “Register”, fill out and send your registration form, then wait for an email containing the results of your verification – if everything is in order, it will contain your login and password.

Q: Following the legalization of a faction, how long until the election for the board of directors begins?
A: Immediately following the legalization of the party and verifying the faction’s members

Q: How can you dismiss the board of a faction?
A: The majority of the members must vote for the dismiss. There is an option of the board’s self-dismissal. Following each inactive player purge, changes in the board are possible, or even a new election.

Q: What is the basis of withdrawing a question?
A: A factual error or an obvious possibility of multiple interpretations, as well as contradictory information given at the official EU website.

Q: Will factions, who lose members to the point when there are less than 19, be automatically demoted to the “pending” status?
A: No.

Q: What will points be awarded for specifically, regarding coalitions? Just for the creation of a coalition?
A: There will be additional points for the players who place their votes at their coalition’s disposal, if their coalition wins.

Q: How can I remove my account?
A: Write an e-mail to the admin, justifying your request.

Q:  Does the number of posts on the forum have any relevance
A: No, it doesn’t influence your score.

Transcript of chat with Game administrators (30.X.2006) - [pdf]

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